What’s it all about?

The meet the buyer is a great opportunity for companies just like yours to pitch great products, services and innovations to a range of buyers.   You, the suppliers, will select which buyers you are interested in speaking with and complete the two-stage process.

The buyers will review your application and they decide if they want to meet you.

The meeting will take place at the RVE show which takes place in Derby Arena on 5th November 2020.  We organise the process from start to finish and will be there on the day to keep things running smoothly.

Have a look through the headings below and when you are ready, scroll down and complete the Registration Form.

Whose buying?

This year we have a fantastic list of buying organisations participating:

  • Angel Trains
  • Bombardier Transportation
  • CAF
  • Chrysalis Rail
  • Eversholt Rail
  • Hitachi Rail
  • Porterbrook
  • SBB (Switzerland)
  • Siemens
  • Stadler (Switzerland)
  • Transort Design International (TDI)
  • Transport for London
  • Unipart Rail

You will notice that the buying organisations are quite different – some ROSCOs, TOCs, Operators and Tier 1 organisations.


You can find a Buyer Overview document here which tells you a bit more about each of the buyers.  This will help you decide which buyers you wish to select.

Additional Buyers

We remain in dialogue with international and other UK buyers and anticipate additional buyers joining after this launch.  With challenges to international travel, a virtual meet the buyer is anticipated to run alongside the meetings on the day.     Read move about our Covid19 response below.

To stay in touch, follow our updates on social media! Twitter and LinkedIn

What’s the process?

This year we have introduced a two-stage process to help you make the most of the opportunity to pitch to buyers.

  • Stage 1Registration Form – Register your company for the meet the buyer process and select the buyers you want to pitch to
  • Stage 2Application Form – Complete your pitch for each buyer, taking care to personalise your approach for each buyer.

You must complete both stages for your company to be reviewed by the buyers you select.


Stage 1 – Completing the Registration Form

The Registration Form is online and you can complete it here (scroll down).  Unfortunately, you can not save this form so will need to complete it one go.  To help you, we have created a document which sets out all the Registration Form questions.  Read this first so you can have all the required information to hand.

The Registration form captures information about your company as well as your Primary Contact person – all correspondence will go to this one person only.  This is generic information and avoids duplication in the process, saving you time.

It is also where you select which buyers you would like to pitch to.

The deadline to register is 5pm on 4th September 2020.

Only companies which complete the Registration Form will be invited to proceed to the Application stage.  On completion, you will receive your MTB Unique Reference number.  You will need this for Stage 2.


Stage 2 – Completing the Application Form

Your Registration Form will be reviewed and eligible suppliers will progress to stage 2.   An invoice will be issued for the administration fee (if applicable).

An email will be issued to the Primary Contact (from the Registration Form) containing links for your Application Form for each Buyer you selected as well as your MTB Unique Reference Number.

These links, specific to you, will be clearly labelled and allow you to complete a shorter Application Form for EACH buyer that you selected in stage 1.  This allows you to develop a response that is relevant to each buyer.  This will help to maximise your success – they are all quite different buying organisations.

The Application Form has the same questions for each buyer but will be clearly marked with the Buyer name and Logo to avoid any confusion.  As before, we have created a document which sets out all the Application Form questions.  Read this first so you can have all the required information to hand.

Suppliers have a week to complete the Application Forms after Registration closes.

The deadline for Application Forms is 5pm on 11th September 2020.

What happens next?

On the close of Registration, we will issue a reminder to any suppliers with outstanding Application Forms.

On the close of the Application stage, all completed Applications will be prepared into Supplier Brochures for each buyer.

Your information will only be shared with the buyers you selected in the Registration Form.

The buyers will receive your Registration Form information and your completed Application submission (the qualitative response only).


The buyers will be invited to select which suppliers they wish to meet with.  On receipt of these selections, we will prepare buyer and supplier meeting schedules.  In 2019, we scheduled 300 appointments!

What are the key dates?

4th September 2020 (5pm) Stage 1 – Registration closes
11th September 2020 (5pm) Stage 2 – Applications closes
24th September 2020 Buyers receive all completed applications
29th October 2020 Buyer and Supplier itineraries issued
5th November 2020 Meet the buyers!

There will be no extensions to the deadlines.

How much does it cost?

This is free for Members of the Rail Forum Midlands and for exhibitors of the RVE show.

For non-members/ non-RVE-exhibitors, there is an administration of £100 plus VAT.  This will be invoiced on submission of your Registration Form.

The administration fee must be paid before you can progress to the Application stage.  To expedite this, payment can be made via Credit Card.



We recognise that this year has been particularly challenging for events and look forward to delivering a safe and productive meet the buyer.

We are grateful to Stephen Hughes, Director and Principal Consultant of Consultancy and RFM member Mainline Safety for providing us with specialist Health and Safety support and guidance.  A comprehensive Risk Assessment will be produced detailing all controls that will be in place to manage the risk of Covid19 to all attending.  These controls will be in line with the very latest Government guidance and also best practice within the events sector.

Nearer the time, we will publish the details of the arrangements being made to take care of the wellbeing of all attending. We will be very happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

We are satisfied that Modern Railways and the venue Derby Arena, are doing everything to ensure that exhibitors, visitors, buyers and suppliers are safe.  We remain in regular contact with Modern Railways to ensure a consistent approach.

We continue to monitor Government advice regarding events and Covid19 and will respond to updates appropriately.

Guidance relating to practical requirements for “on the day” will be included with your meeting schedule.  At this stage, we can confirm that meetings will be limited to one supplier representative only. 


What happens if additional buyers join after I have made my Registration Form selection?

Don’t worry.  Any supplier that has already registered when new buyers are added will be notified and given the opportunity to expand their buyer selection to include the new buyer/s.

What if I only complete the Registration Form?  Will buyers see my information?

No.  Only suppliers which complete both the Registration Form and the Application form (for each buyer) will be presented.

What information is shared with the Buyer?

The buyers you select will receive your Registration Form information and the specific buyer response from the Application Form.

You must complete both Registration Form and Application Form.  If you do not, your information will not be shared with the buyers.

Do I still need to register as a visitor to RVE?

Whilst the Meet the Buyer is hosted in the show, for Health and Safety requirements, you must also register as a visitor to the show.  You can register here.

What are the eligibility criteria?

This Meet the Buyer is open to any UK registered company.  There are no eligibility requirements based on company size or geographic location (within the UK).

Do I have a be a member of the Rail Forum Midlands?

No, this Meet the Buyer is open to any UK registered company.

This is free for both Rail Forum Members and for exhibitors at the RVE show.

There is an administration charge for non-members / non-exhibitors of £100.  This is payable prior to Stage 2.  See the section above about How much does it cost?

Still have questions?

Get in touch with Cat Appleby:  Cat@midlandsrail.co.uk

RVE MTB Registration Form

Meet the Buyer


All future correspondence for this event will go this person only.

Company Details

This event is open to UK registered business only.
Please add numbers only, no £ or commas.
Do you currently export? *
Please list the countries you export to: *
Do you work with the Department for International Trade? *

Administration Fee

Due to the high volumes of registrations, companies which are not either a member of the Rail Forum Midlands or exhibiting at RVE will be charged an administration fee.
I am a member of the Rail Forum Midlands *
I am exhibiting at RVE 2020 *
I understand I will be charged an administration fee of £100 plus VAT *

On submission of this form an invoice will be generated and issued.

Payment will be required prior to progressing to the Application Stage (by invoice, 10 days terms or by credit card).

No information on your company will be shared with buyers until your invoice is paid.

Request a Rail Forum Midlands Membership Pack

About your Company

Please note, specific information about your offering for each buyer will be requested in the Application Stage. For this, please focus on general attributes about your company.

Provide a summary of products

Keep to one line per product and avoid over-describing, maximum 5.

Provide a summary of services

Keep to one line per service and avoid over-describing, maximum 5.

What industries do you supply? *
What standards and certifications do you have? *

Buyer selection

Please select which of the buyers below you would be interesting to meeting.

Please note that only the buyers you select will receive your company information.

You must select at least one buyer.

Request Angel Trains
Request Bombardier Transportation
Request CAF
Request Chrysalis Rail
Request Eversholt Rail
Request Hitachi Rail
Request Porterbrook
Request Siemens
Request Transport Design International
Request Transport for London
Request TVS SCS
Request Unipart Rail
Request SBB
Request Stadler


How did you hear of this event?


Thank you for completing this Registration Form. Please take the opportunity to review before you submit.

On Submission, a copy will be emailed to the Primary Contact email address provided at the start. It will also contain your unique supplier number - this will help in the Application Process so keep it safe and confidential.

What happens next

On receipt of your Registration, this will be processed by the Rail Forum Midlands.

You will receive instructions on the Application stage of this process within 2 working days of receipt of your Registration.

The Application stage will contain your specific pitch to each buyer.

Only completed applications will be issued to buyers.

If you have any questions, please contact Cat Appleby: cat@midlandsrail.co.uk