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Currently employing over 1,200 staff, at its 22-acre Doncaster site. Wabtec Rail is one of the UK’s leading railway engineering companies, undertaking the maintenance, overhaul, refurbishment, modification, repainting and repair of passenger rolling stock, as well as the maintenance, overhaul and repair of freight wagons.

Wabtec Rail also carries out the overhaul of air brake equipment, wheelsets, bogies, dampers and buffers, and the design, manufacture, maintenance and overhaul of cab and saloon HVAC systems and passenger vehicle door systems.

Wabtec Rail also supplies a wide range of Wabtec Corporation products and services for the UK rail industry such as OTMR data recorders (Qtron), brake blocks and pads (Becorit, Cobra, FIP, RFPC), brake discs (Poli) and air brake components (Poli MZT).

Wabtec Rail has a number of associated subsidiaries:

Bearwood Engineering

Currently employing circa 300 staff, Bearward Engineering is one of the largest producers of industrial cooling systems in the world, and manufactures cooling systems to suit a variety of engines globally. Semi-automated premises, decades of experience and heavy investment in the latest technology have contributed to Bearward’s worldwide reputation as an expert in the market.

Bearward have huge experience working with the end users and understanding their needs to provide cooling solutions which offer the very best long life, and lowest total cost. To make this possible Bearward developed the innovative and unique, ‘Sectional’ cooling system. The sectional cooling system allows for low cost serviceability for radiators no matter of size or location. This allows the ability to maintain the cooling system to an as new condition which improves cooling performance and maintains engine performance for life.

Brecknell Willis

Currently employing circa 280 staff, Brecknell Willis specialise in electrification/traction for all types of transportation systems including tramways, metros and railways. The company’s capability covers the design, manufacture, supply, testing, installation and maintenance of the following products:

  • Pantographs and Third Rail Current Collectors for all types of applications
  • Conductor Rail Systems and ancillary products
  • Light Rail Overhead Systems
  • Industrial current collection and cabling handling systems

The company has been operating from Chard, Somerset, since 1938 which has been developed over the decades to incorporate the most advanced manufacturing facilities required for this specialist industry.

Brush Traction

Currently employing circa 300 staff on its 28-acre Loughborough site and carrying out major locomotive, passenger rolling stock, traction equipment and bogie overhauls for both UK and European markets.

New build, re-power, heavy maintenance, interior and exterior enhancement activities including undertaking full interior refurbishment and refinishing, installation of passenger information and CCTV systems, OTMR recorders, the introduction of new seating and the creation of RVAR-compliant seating areas.

Component activities include design, build and overhaul of electrical systems, electronics, rotating machines, engines, bogies and their sub-components.

Faiveley Transport

Faiveley Transport aims to provide a high quality service, globally, to train builders and railway operators, in addition to maintainers. We are driven by customers’ specific requirements and strive to satisfy their every need when designing, marketing, manufacturing and service engineering solutions with high technical content, providing our customers with the best standards of safety, quality and availability. An extensive range of products are offered across three main areas, energy and quality, brakes and safety and access and information, including pantographs, couplers, brakes control units, cctv surveillance, access and interior doors, to name but a few.

LH Group

Currently employing circa 410 staff on its 21-acre Barton under Needwood site, LH Group are a leading re-manufacturer of powertrain products including power packs, engines, cooler groups, transmissions wheelsets and final drives.  LH Group also undertakes the design and manufacture of road/rail vehicles and the manufacture, repair and overhaul of locomotives through its Hunslet subsidiary.

Mors Smitt

Currently employing circa 50 staff at its UK facility, Mors Smitt serves the railway rolling stock industry with components such as relays, safety critical electronics and complete measuring and control solutions. The needs of the railway signalling and infrastructure industry are served with signalling, vital relays and safety testers.

In addition to the rail industry, Mors Smitt also serve the power utility, manufacturing, maritime and installation domains with proven reliable relays, panel indicators and test & measuring equipment. Products and solutions that work unquestioningly over a long effective life.

Vapor Ricon

Currently employing circa 15 staff, Vapor Ricon Europe has been providing accessibility solutions since 1971 and is a worldwide leader in mobility products.

Their product line of wheelchair lifts, ramps, “anti-graffiti” bus windows and accessories can meet customer needs whether it be for personal or commercial vehicles, public transport bus or rail application.

Wabtec Rail Scotland

Currently employing circa 140 staff on its 6-acre Kilmarnock facility, the factory is ideally suited to handling multiple units and rakes of coaches. The core business is repairing, refreshing and overhauling rail vehicles, wheelsets and components:

    • Vehicle overhaul and refreshment – principally passenger vehicles but also infrastructure, freight and locomotives.
    • Full wheelset overhaul and repair facility – specialising in both light and heavy overhauls.
    • Component overhaul – including bogies and other mechanical and electrical items.
    • Spares – provision of new parts for 3rd party installation, including retro engineering of obsolete components.

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