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Since 1999 the UK gov, via Transport Focus has interviewed 50,000 people a year to benchmark the railway franchises. Despite spending billions on new trains, Transport Focus notes that the cleanliness of the on-train toilets significantly lags all other train improvement initiatives and is fundamentally more important than wifi and charging sockets.

The root cause of this issue is that someone has urinated on the toilet seat. Some men stand without lifting the seat and similarly a significant amount of women hover over, rather than sit on the toilet seat. Our product, Flip Up Seats, solve the root cause of this issue.

Flip Up Seats have a spring mechanism which keeps the seat in the upright position, should someone wish to use it they push it down and sit on it, once finished the seat returns to the upright position. Flip Up Seats are simple, innovative, robust and effective, they are also EN45545 and PRM TSI compliant.

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