RFM’s Technology and Innovation work stream focuses on:

  • Driving innovation; by developing and implementing smarter, faster and more responsive processes across the East Midlands.
  • Supporting Industry Initiatives; keeping employers informed about the challenges associated with delivering the Digital Railway and supporting them to develop cost effective solutions
  • Harnessing Regional Capability; encouraging collaboration amongst our highly skilled members and the wider supply chain to deliver increased productivity and economic growth.

Funding for Innovation

Whilst there are a number of funds available to companies to help with R&D, finding the right one to apply to and navigating the complex landscape of funds can be daunting. RFM can help and we will be adding further information to the website in the coming weeks.


SHIFT2RAIL is a public-private partnership to invest just under €1 billion in research and innovation to get more passengers and freight onto Europe’s railways. There are currently a number of open competitions for rail companies to apply to with a deadline of 17th March 2016. For more information see www.shift2rail.org

The Rolling Stock Innovation Centre

Universities and Industry working together to deliver the next generation of railway vehicles.
Part of the UK Rail Research and Innovation Network (UKRRIN)

The Rolling Stock Innovation Centre aims to meet the current and future demands of the GB Rail Industry for Research and Innovation to support the next generation of Railway Vehicles. The Centre will link with other centres in the UKRRIN Network to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for all rolling stock development.