Andrew Scott-Green is the new Department for International Trade contact for rail covering the East and West Midlands.

Andrew Scott-Green BSc MBA C.Eng MRAeS FIET
International Trade Advisor & Rail Sector Specialist

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January 2018

Welcome to 2018! It is going to be a GREAT year!
I am deliberately going to give January and February just a cursory glance. January is full of Meet the Buyers – hopefully you have already registered for the RFEM / Bombardier one and probably the CAF one in Wales too? There is the Rail Finance Directors breakfast networking on 24th Jan and Safe Start on 25th Jan.
February is going to whizz by too, with the Know your Buyer (perfect for preparing for any Meet the Buyer stuff coming up…) plus I am taking 25 firms to Irish Rail on 13th Feb. So these two months are already pretty full.
Instead, I am going to gallop ahead and look at March and get you thinking about the Middle East.
March sees the return of Middle East Rail with the UK Great Pavilion. It is no surprise that this market draws our attention. High investment levels, technology-hungry and seeking the best designs, this market truly offers UK rail companies the chance to shine. So it’s no surprise that so many UK companies already export there, set up there, and why so many UK expats work there.
There is a very good chance you know more than a handful of folks that are now based in the Middle East, so why not take a minute to contact them to ask about their experiences, what is going on, where the opportunities are and critically what can they do to help you get involved?
If you prefer to get a feel for the market before using your personal networks, Department for International Trade can help – via your International Trade Advisor (or me!) we can get you well on your way to the Middle East:
1. Middle East Transportation Specialist – a telecom with Mike will help you get a very good feel for the wider Gulf region and which markets may be suit your company and need what you offer.
2. When you have an idea for which country – check out our country reports and risk guides. These give you not just the basics on exporting but also on political stability and other macro factors.
3. Next, we get you talking to our dedicated rail leads based in the country itself. That could be Farooq in Saudi Arabia, or Ivan in UAE.

Middle East Rail
This is “the” rail show in the region. Find out more here. Here’s a short report on the rail activity in the region. If you are interested in exhibiting in the Great Pavilion, please contact Andrew Blake: Plus DIT offer TAP funding to support some of your exhibition costs. Eligibility criteria apply – contact Neil Walker:


Saudi Arabia – Prequalification (PQQ) for Railway Privatisation

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is moving forward with its plan to privatise their passenger and freight railways, and have ambitions targets to appoint partners by the end of 2018. The operation model and arrangements will be similar to those already developed and in use on the UK rail network.

The Authorities are inviting through the PQQ private potential partners for passenger, freight and infrastructure management services for the existing and future rail operations and maintenance. Companies are requested to prequalify for either one or multiple modules that comprise the privatisation process. However, ultimately the RFP will request a single proposal for the full scope of work and therefore Companies will be expected to form consortia to compete for the contract.

Timely responses are required to maintain the overall project timeline. The submission for this PQQ needs to be provided by Friday, 19th January 2018, 17:00 KSA time.

The UK and UK Companies is well positioned to win this work. The Department for International Trade (DIT) is in contact with the Passenger Transport Authority (PTA) and other Authorities in the Kingdom and is supporting, through DfT and other UK institutions, the development of a robust framework and knowledge transfer for future privatisation of the railways in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Companies are requested to respond directly to the PQQ by the submission deadline given. Companies are also requested to register their interest with DIT so we can support you, help facilitate introductions to other UK Companies (forming consortia) and involve you in joined-up planning for appropriate and targeted engagement activities in relation to this opportunity. Therefore, please additionally respond to Belgin Hardy, DIT Trade Advisor, based at the British Embassy in Riyadh stating you have responded to the PQQ:

This is an exciting opportunity for the UK and the Authorities have indicated that they want a long-term relationships with the successful partner Companies.