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Andrew Scott-Green is the Department for International Trade contact for rail covering the Midlands.

Andrew Scott-Green BSc MBA C.Eng MRAeS FIET
International Trade Advisor & Rail Sector Specialist

Mobile: +44 (0)7825 426737 | E-mail:

How can Andrew help you?

The Department of International Trade exists to help UK companies export. This ranges from those looking to export for the first time to more experienced exporters seeking to increase their overseas sales or enter new markets. DIT work with product and service companies, large or small, regardless of their sector. The export journey can take many different paths.  To help you on that journey an International Trade Advisor will help you. Andrew is an ITA specialising in the rail sector who has previously worked in rail developing signalling and train control products and then delivering projects using those products in Finland, Norway and Taiwan. He can help signpost all the services available to you from DIT and use his experience and network – and those of numerous DIT colleagues – to assist your journey. DIT services include networking events, seminars, webcasts, market visits, meet the buyer and 1:1 support in many areas.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see general information about how DIT can help companies seeking to export.

UK Export Finance (UKEF) Support

UKEF is the UK’s export credit agency and a government department, working alongside the Department for International Trade as an integral part of its strategy and operations.

They help UK companies to:

  • win export contracts by providing attractive financing terms to their buyers
  • fulfil contracts by supporting working capital loans
  • get paid by insuring against buyer default

UKEF can support exports for any size of company and across all sectors, from capital goods to services and intangibles such as intellectual property.

Current Opportunities identified as being of Potential Interest to our Members:

Opportunities in Switzerland

The following supplier opportunities are currently available in Switzerland. Please follow the links for further information.

Matrix LED Displays

Passenger Information System

Thin Film Transistor Displays

Opportunity to Supply UK Prime Contractor - Project in Turkey

A 100+ km length of a new high speed railway line project has been won in Turkey by one of the biggest prime construction companies in the country, with the construction phase expected soon.

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The Prime is obliged to secure the required financing for the project, and they are currently considering a financial agreement with HMG/UKEF. To achieve this, the Prime will need UK content for the mentioned project that needs to exceed 20% of the total project value, around (750 million USD) in order to be eligible for financing.  The DIT team in Turkey would like to hear from related UK rail suppliers that can provide equipment or services from a defined shopping list (below) that can be bought from the UK that the prime contractor has identified from the following:-


Earthquake Alarm Systems

GSMR System

Communication Systems

LC Camera Systems

Power and FO Cables

Signalization software, hardware and erection/installation

Signalling Cables, Interlockings systems

Other Electromechanical Systems


Supply Of Turnouts

Ballast Pad (HDPE)

Track Laying (supply + erection of all track material, excl equipment)

Railway Construction Equipment Rental




Line Measurement, Grinding, Certification

Other Civil Material/Service

You can find the export opportunity page here, although you will need to create an account on the home page to view if not signed up. If you are interested in this opportunity to supply the related rail equipment and/or services, please in the first instance contact Yiğit Gümüşok, Trade Assistant, Department for International Trade, Ankara via email before 17 January 2020 highlighting your expertise and references.

Technology and Smart Cities Trade Mission to Saudia Arabia (15-19 February 2020)

The DIT Smart Cities team will be leading a UK Technology and Smart cities trade mission to Saudi Arabia from 15 to 19 February 2020.

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The Mission will build on the success of the DIT’s trade mission to Saudi Arabia in November 2018 and October 2019, and follows a number of new market opportunities in which Saudi Arabia is keen to access innovative UK expertise.

Further information can be found here

Opportunities with Contracta : UK Export Finance Supplier Fair (11 February 2020)

In Brazil, Contracta, have completed high-profile contracts in three spheres of government – municipal, state and federal, as well as meeting the needs of the private market.

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With over 1,000 direct employees in Brazil, they are responsible for the delivery of multiple, complex projects, including urban design upgrades, sanitation and public housing program, airport and port facilities, rail and road overpasses, train and subway stations.

There is a UK Export Finance Supplier Fair in London on 11 February 2020, where Contracta will be looking to source specific materials from the UK for upcoming projects.

For more details, please use this link.

Opportunities in Brazil and Spain

DIT in Spain have been working with Acciona Infraestructuras, a major Spanish contractor operating internationally, to increase the opportunities for the UK supply chain to work with Acciona in third markets.

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They are also keen to engage more with UK Export Finance and the facilities they provide when bidding for large international projects. This in turn will mean they need to achieve a minimum UK content. They have asked for DIT assistance in building a database of UK companies with capabilities across certain niche areas, which they could then refer to when it comes to preparing bids for international projects, in order to reach the UKEF threshold and be eligible for their services.

In terms of rail, they are working on the Sao Paulo Subway were Acciona has formed a consortium with Alstom to build and run as a concession and they aim to apply for direct lending from UKEF. They are not looking for suppliers of rolling stock components (which would fall under Alstom’s remit) but other areas including the railways and stations, engineering, electrification and passenger information systems.

If you are interested please contact and he will add your details.

Rail Mission to Brazil and Argentina 16-20 March 2020

Applications are now open to join the above rail focussed mission to these two South American countries.

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Argentina has started to invest heavily in the world’s 8th largest rail network. During the last five years the national government has focused the investment plans in track renewal, electrification, new rolling stock, stations, workshops and technology. They are also transitioning to open access in freight that will be effective in 2023.

At a municipal level, Buenos Aires is about to decide a new operator for the Buenos Aires Underground. This +60km network continues to grow, with a new line in the pipeline.

Brazil’s railway sector has possibilities of investment for freight railway with operators committed to promote new investments to modernize the railways lines and expand them to remote areas in Brazil. The government will sign new contracts related to these concessions in the second half of this year, hoping to attract £6 billion in investments .

Regarding passenger railways, in Sao Paulo, the construction and operation of Line 6 – Orange, will bring more than 2 billion pounds in investments. In Rio de Janeiro, the light rail project will connect the periphery with the city centre. The total length of the above infrastructure stood at 21.7km.

Further details including costs and how to apply can be found here

Outward Mission To Argentina and Brazil – March 2020 – one page flyer FINAL

Canada (Ontario) - Invitation to Nominate UK Suppliers

The Province of Ontario in partnership with the City of Toronto, is embarking on a £18 billion new subway transit plan for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

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This forms part of the Province’s wider Infrastructure agenda, outlined in its recent 2019 Market Update. Metrolinx (project sponsor agency) and Infrastructure Ontario (IO) (provincial procurement agency) are interested to consult on the project and engage with potential UK suppliers. This may include an upcoming visit to the UK by their Presidents and CEOs, Phil Verster and Ehren Cory. The High Commission of Canada in the UK, the Department for Transport and the Department for International Trade will be coordinating this engagement.

The subway programme is the largest in Canada in half a decade. The programme includes four specific projects:

1. Ontario Line – 15.5 km (tunnel + elevated guideway + at grade), proposed 15 stations, anticipated completion 2027, CAD$10.9B
2. Yonge St Subway Extension – 7.4km primarily tunnel, five station extension, anticipated completion 2029/30, CAD$5.6B
3. Scarborough Subway Extension – 7.8km tunnel, three station extension, anticipated completion 2029/30, CAD$5.5B
4. Eglinton Crosstown West Extension – 9.2km primarily tunnel, anticipated completion 2030/31, CAD$4.7B

The Province of Ontario wishes to increase the participation of international players in the Ontario Infrastructure market over the next 5-10 years, and bring with it, capacity, innovation and specialised expertise. IO and Metrolinx are particularly keen to engage with and encourage the participation of UK players – this is a big opportunity for the UK rail sector in a favourable market but needs strong and early engagement.

DIT are collating a list of UK suppliers for review/selection by IO and Metrolinx potentially leading to meetings (which could be 1-1s or roundtables to explore the offer from UK and/or UK based companies). These agencies have provided the following criteria for suppliers they would like to meet with as a general guide:

•  Tier 1/prime contractors/engineering/equity providers or tunnel contractors not currently participating in the Ontario market. This includes UK HQ’d suppliers and overseas suppliers with operations in the UK (i.e. those exporting/potentially exporting this expertise from their UK operations).

•  Key sub-contractors involved in tunnelling.

•  Senior representatives of UK suppliers currently working in the Ontario market.

Please contact if you are interested.

About DIT's Business Support Services

DIT’s advice and information services are based in part on utilising the global network of UK Embassies most of which contain a team of Trade Officers. This may involve providing market research through to identifying contacts and or arrange meetings and events. Generally support is without charge, although there are some charges for specific projects e.g. specialist research or trade missions


Trade Show Access Programme

If you go on the above link and open up the excel file it will give you all the shows that can be accessed through this programme. You  can sort  and filter  as appropriate. There are grants available to SMEs up to circa £1500 but please check conditions.


Export Opportunities

Useful source of  leads


Export Events

Seminars Webinars, ‘meet the Expert’ Trade Missions

This is the main site for the DIT events and can be filtered as appropriate


Trade Development Grants

There are 3 types of  grants directed primarily  to  SMEs who would  be new  or with limited Export experience. These cover initial market visits, an international communications  review or market selection service. Subject to availability (currently very limited) and terms and conditions.

There are other elements of DIT which may be of interest too e.g. UKEF