RFM takes pride in the rail and regional charities we support, and it is important to us that we provide them with the exposure they deserve. We are delighted to offer opportunities for them to network with companies within the industry and encourage our members to participate in events to support our chosen charities, such as our charity golf day.

Not only is this important to us, but as a member you are able to add your support for these charities to the growing list of companies already backing them and add to you Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.


Railway Children

Working in India, East Africa, and the UK, Railway Children have seen first-hand that many children across the globe are in a state of desperation, their circumstances at home causing them to face poverty, abuse, violence, or neglect daily. In need of help and in an act of despair, children as young as 5 years old choose to leave their homes, in search of a better life. The dangers they face in the streets, however, are often worse than their conditions at home, and many children find themselves sleeping rough in the railway stations they initially saw as a gateway out of these situations.

11 million children live on the streets of India, 250,000 in Kenya alone and 100,000 children run away from home in the UK every year.

Railway Children work on the streets, sending outreach workers to gain the trust of these children, provide them with a safe place to stay and work with their families to organise a safe return where possible. They work in the community, helping people to understand the situations that these children are in and to change their perception of children living on the streets, teaching them how to play their part in helping. Finally, Railway Children work with governments, speaking with policy makers and urging them to see children living on the streets as a more pressing issue.

Railway Children have been able to reach 300,000 children over the last 22 years.

Find out more about Railway Children on their website by clicking HERE


Railway Benefit Fund

Railway Benefit Fund provide financial support for current and former railway employees – in any capacity – and their families in times of need. As an independent charity they operate with a policy of confidentiality and assess each case individually in order to maintain their responsibilities as a charity. These cases could be issues with housing debts, family welfare or unforeseen emergencies that families are just unable to financially provide for. They offer support to hundreds of people and their families each year.

The charity can offer advice on many situations but are happy to point people in the direction of companies and charities that have a better understanding of certain situations and topics where necessary. Railway Benefit Fund also have factsheets on their website, providing advice on certain situations such as, career support, benefits, debt, planning for retirement, and wellbeing. As well as this they have a legal advice app that offers information on other topics for example, marriage, divorce and children, property, tax and much more.

Find out more about the Railway Benefit Fund on their website by clicking HERE


Railway Mission

Railway Mission is a support service, providing indiscriminatory help to all railway staff in any sector and at any level, as well as their British Transport Police counterparts. They are a Christian charity who have been working towards the goal of spiritual and pastoral welfare for all rail workers since 1881, and take pride in their careful and sensitive approach to everyone in the multicultural society in which we live.

Rail workers face substantial challenges with their responsibility for passenger and staff welfare, and traumatic events such as rail suicide and security threats, making it difficult to continue life with a completely clear state of mind. That’s why Railway Mission is here to support workers in rail and their families whether they have been struck by traumatic events, are struggling with their mental health, or just need somebody to speak to. They are often used as a referral point for families of railway suicide victims and can be asked to organise funeral and memorial services.

If you are struggling and need somebody to speak to you can find and contact your local Railway Mission chaplain HERE

Alternatively, if you would like to find out more information, visit the Railway Mission website HERE




Cash for Kids – Mission Christmas

Cash for Kids is a charity set up by Bauer Radio, a network of radio stations around the country. They focus on raising money for disabled and disadvantaged children and young people up to the age of 18 across 21 areas in the UK. The money raised is given to companies as a grant to offer new and improved equipment to children to enhance their quality of life, as well as to charities and organisations that provide help to children and young people, to ensure that they can continue providing this essential care and support. The money donated stays within the local community, so you can really see the difference you’re making.

Bauer Radio uses its network of radio stations to promote Cash for Kids. Gem 106 and Free Radio in the Midlands are big supporters of their charity and both do a lot of fundraising for it.

Mission Christmas is part of Cash for Kids, an appeal to raise money and give a donation of gifts and toys for children who otherwise wouldn’t receive any at Christmas time. This is a side of the charity that we have recently begun supporting and will continue to promote in the coming years, wholeheartedly agreeing with their statement that together, we can make a real difference.

If you would like to find out more about Cash for Kids and Mission Christmas you can do so HERE