Date(s) - Nov 7, 2019
9:00am - 5:45pm


Connectivity is part of the digital transformation sweeping across industry. It’s a topic that engineers should be talking about.

Data from sensors, when properly collected and processed, can already reveal a wealth of operational intelligence on plant and machinery. But the question is how do today’s engineering managers fully harness this and use it to improve outcomes for preventative maintenance, condition monitoring and safety?

And the potential does not stop there. The next stage of developments in data management for engineering may pave the way to artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles. We need to ask how will the growth of connected systems, all sharing data, change how industry works? Is data a threat, or an opportunity? What are the benefits, what are the consequences, and how do we balance it all?

Although engineers may be proficient in operational technology, they now need to learn a new set of skills to manage and control these increasingly-prevalent systems that originate from information technology. The SOE Symposium assembles experts from industry, research institutes and academia to introduce, explain, and encourage debate on the technology of connectivity, and how it impacts operations engineering.

We hope you will join us on the day to add your expertise to the conversation.

The SOE Symposium is the full day destination event for senior engineers responsible for inspection, maintenance and management of:

  • fixed and mobile process and power plant
  • light and heavy vehicles
  • utilities
  • building services
  • lifting gear
  • environmental engineering

As the RFM is supporting this event, SOE organisers are kindly granting our members a discounted rate. Click here for further information, registration and supporting organisation member pricing.

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