Date(s) - Jan 24, 2019
5:00pm - 7:00pm

The Derby Conference Centre

Mental Wealth Café – a place to discuss how we can improve mental health management within rail industry organisations in the Derby area. This is a local initiative supported by local rail organisations in response to the growing awareness of the importance of mental health alongside physical health.

On 24th January 2019, we will be hosting our first Mental Wealth Café event at Derby Conference Centre

Our aims are based on 3 pillars:

Bravery: To enable open and honest discussions about the mental health of our workforce.

Acceptance: To reduce and remove stigma surrounding mental health and raise awareness about the range of conditions, range of causes and the consequences of them on our staff and on our businesses.

Solutions: To connect attendees with pre-existing solutions, resources and knowledge.

Who should attend: Current and future managers of people, business leaders, Health & Safety/HR Professionals as well as future champions of mental health awareness in our organisations.

This initiative is being led by Wendy McCristal, Head of Consultancy at Tracsis Operations and Planning Systems, and is sponsored by Porterbrook, Rail Forum Midlands and Derby Conference Centre.