Mental Wealth Café Business Refresh: Re-establishing your team working environment

Date(s) - January 27 2021
4:00pm - 5:00pm


  This event will take place online.


Mental Wealth Café Business Refresh 2021: Re-establishing your team working environment to enable an enabling, collaborative environment. 

Session 2: Teams

Join us in this session to find out how to create an enabling, collaborative remote/hybrid team environment that continues to gets the best out of your people.

Aimed at business leaders and people managers.

Wendy McCristal plus guest speaker Andrew Deighton (AWD Development Solutions)

Andrew works with ambitious businesses and organisations that want to improve the performance of their teams.

You may be starting up a new team to deliver a project, or want a senior team to work together to define and develop a business strategy.

You may have a dysfunctional team which has conflict between members, or demotivated team members with a lack of engagement.

After 26 years at RR in engineering, training and HR roles, he now brings his experience and expertise to help other businesses and organisations to grow. He works with them to improve their focus, productivity and capability by training and developing their people and teams. He does this through designing and facilitating workshops, away days, conferences and meetings to achieve the required objectives, as well as coaching individuals and teams to fulfil their potential.

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