High Speed Rail: Education Interchange 2020

Date(s) - December 14 2020 - December 15 2020

University of Birmingham

The International Seminar for Railway Education and Training held at The University of Birmingham in 2018, made progress in identifying education and training challenges, best practice and international collaborative opportunities within the metro and mainline railway industries. The rapid development and planned expansion of global high-speed rail networks means that the railways will continue increasing their share of rail traffic, and this will require specialised educational support for effective delivery.

There is now a clear need to look specifically at how we can tailor education and research to the unique needs of the emerging HSR sector, not only within the UK but globally. This conference invites delegates from across the world to share their research results, ideas and views and opens the platform for collaboration.

The development and delivery of HSR systems requires cross-industry partnerships, not only for the integration of complex technological systems, but for assessing and managing financial, socio-economic and political issues. As an expanding sector, HSR presents a wide range of areas in which researchers can innovate and directly influence future transport.

There is a great need for skilled workers from all disciplines who understand the context and challenges of the HSR sector. Specialist education and training, tailored to the requirements of the HSR industry, will develop an expert workforce for timely project delivery that supports the rapid expansion of networks.

This exciting conference will include keynote speeches, presentations and panel discussions to explore the variety of issues, beneficial relationships and future opportunities that arise between the HSR and Education sectors.

Call for abstracts now open, formal registration opening soon. 


High Speed Rail: Education Interchange will provide an international forum, limited to 250 delegates, where senior managers and engineers, educators and trainers, human resources staff, operators, maintainers and other stakeholders will present and discuss current research, initiatives and best practice. They will discuss how to address the challenges facing the rail industry in the context of high-speed transport.

During this year’s conference you will meet potential partners for collaboration from across the high-speed rail and education sectors and learn about opportunities for development. Delegates will be able to share their perspectives through dedicated Q&A sessions and panel discussions.

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