RFM represents the largest cluster of rail companies in the world.

How we support our members:

  • Involvement in inward and outward trade missions
  • Providing unrivalled networking opportunities
  • Exhibiting collaboratively at trade exhibitions
  • Facilitating topical workshops and seminars
  • Providing a collective voice for the area and promoting the area’s rail industry to a global market
  • Driving and co-ordinating schools engagement and skills development initiatives to ensure members can access a the skills they need for the future
  • Providing specific opportunities for members to work collaboratively to secure new business opportunities.

RFM has close links with Midlands Connect, our local councils, the Local Enterprise Partnerships, Department for International Trade and other industry groups and stakeholders. We have close co-operation agreements with both the Railway Industry Association (RIA) and the Rail Freight Group (RFG).

This support helps our members locate and access new markets and promote international expansion. It also helps bring new organisations to the region, to continue the growth and reputation of the region’s rail industry.

Membership of RFM is not restricted to technology and manufacturing companies. We have finance, legal and other support organisations as members –  specifically where they have strong expertise in rail.

RFM has a number of strategic priorities and activities which are aligned with the Rail Supply Group and demonstrate the rail industry’s commitment to creating the Midlands Engine for Growth. For more information click here.

To see what your RFM team have been working on over the past 12 months, please see the Member’s Quarterly Updates:

Autumn 2018 QU

Winter 2018 QU

Spring 2019 QU

Summer 2019 QU

For further details please contact:
Tel:        + 44 (0) 1332 593550
e-mail: elaineclark@midlandsrail.co.uk      sophia@midlandsrail.co.uk      robert@midlandsrail.co.uk

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