Diamond Open Day and Charity Event

Diamond are opening their doors on Thursday 7th October to further engage with their suppliers and customers following the successful rebrand earlier this year. The day is set to be jam packed with a site tour showcasing their facilities including their sister company CTL seal who have steel fabrication, design, welding and testing capabilities.

The open day is attracting suppliers and customers old and new and is set to be an annual networking date for the diary.

See Hengist 72010

Diamond is one of the key collaborators investing in the re-creation, build, operation and maintenance of the locomotive – BR Standard class 6, ‘Clan’ type, number 72010 and named “HENGIST”. She will be the next in line of the original BR production series, which had been cancelled in 1955 due to steel shortages and a national change of motive power policy. The locomotive will be of a modern, low maintenance, low running cost design, perfect for the 21st century. It will complete telling the story of the 12 classes of British Railways’ Standard Locomotive design. To this effect we will also be supporting its demonstration and operation for historical, educational and recreational purposes, both on the main line and on heritage railways throughout the country. Guests will be able to see this during the tour on the open day

We are pleased to use this opportunity to support RailAid2021 supporting the Railway Children

Diamond are strong supporters of the Railway Children charity and such would like to double up their open day as an opportunity to raise money for RailAid2021. They have an impressive raffle with prizes donated from the Railway Family Network and they are auctioning heritage moquette items and seats. To get involved in these exciting events please visit www.givergy.uk/diamondrail to bid in the auction or buy raffle tickets. Good Luck!  

If your aren’t able to attend on the day, fear not! Diamond will be publishing a tour video of their facility on their website and on social media.

Find out more about all of our capabilities at our new website www.DiamondRail.co.uk

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