Diamond Rail Services and mpro5 collaborate to offer full turnkey service for Service Quality Regimes

Diamond Rail Services is collaborating with mpro5 to maximise their opportunities and transition to a fully digital service quality management system. mpro5 have already proven their system at several TOC’s with their intelligent and easy to navigate app. Following on nicely from our Front of House contracts, our auditors will complete service quality inspections using this software and provide detailed dashboards for our customers whilst fulfilling DfT contract obligations.

A full turn key solution

This app-based solution would allow the vast number of data points collected to feed into a structured rectification and long-term asset management program. The dashboard and outputs for rectifications and stakeholders is extremely engaging, user friendly and can bring multiple benefits to the train operator and their customers.

Using the data from audits, a service offering can be completely customised working alongside current internal processes to fill any gaps or replacing these with a brand-new dedicated set of processes. We recognise that lines of route and geographical locations can have different operational requirements and will differ on service quality performance.

Jenny Dempsey, Business Development Director said

“This way of working is already becoming reality in the rail sector. Several train companies are already a long way down the track towards connecting their departments and delivering a clean, safe, and passenger-focussed customer experience. Diamond naturally offer this service with our customer centric values and passion for on board interiors. It just makes sense!”.

See more detail and full article in July/August issue of Rail Professional page 83.

Is your train company ready for the new developments? Or does your service quality regime still need work?

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