Opportunity with Make UK Defence

A Make UK Defence member is looking to onshore more of its supply chain for an upcoming project in the aerospace sector. If you can provide one or more of the below commodities and would like to be considered, please email your details to defence@makeuk.org.  We understand that whilst this project is in aerospace, the company are also very much looking to engage with non-traditional suppliers as well as existing suppliers. We don’t have any further details at this stage.

Commodity Groups

Phase 1:

Fuel systems / Flight controls (hydraulics) / Engines

Phase 2:

Transmission (bearing, seals, freewheel, flexible couplings, composite drive shafts, 2 speed clutch, HUMS, oil cooling and metallic chip detection, pressure and temperature sectors, damping)  and


Phase 3: 

Engine installation to over fire detection and suppression, air intakes, exhausts

Electrical systems (AC generation, DC generation, AC power distribution, DC power distribution, battery)

Ice and rain protection systems

Lighting systems (external and internal)

Landing gear (skid)

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