APS resets procurement with the launch of i-QMN digital platform

Alliance Procurement Solutions (APS) is transforming digital procurement management with its new cloud-based platform i-QMN.

The Derby-based business is dedicated to helping clients optimise spend with the use of data analytics and drive maximum value from their procurement function. Its new software solution provides unrivalled insight into spend, identifying opportunities for cost reduction, whilst supporting the development of resilient and sustainable supply chains.

Recent events have highlighted how critical procurement is as a business function. Both Covid-19 and Brexit have disrupted supply chains and had a direct impact on business performance. Building operational resilience is a strategic imperative and APS’ new procurement platform has been developed to provide the insight and analytics to support resilient supply chain management.

Data is the new oil and being able to analyse it quickly and effectively lies at the heart of Industry 4.0. i-QMN analyses supply chain data, allowing users to interrogate spend and supplier credentials at the touch of a button. Raw data is transformed into user-friendly dashboards, charts and reports which can be configured to provide full visibility into every facet of procurement.

Cost optimisation

Supply chain spend can make up to 70% of business revenue and properly managing this spend impacts directly on the bottom line. Yet most businesses lack the digital capability to support spend analytics. APS spotted a gap in the market and developed a digital platform which empowers business on its journey to sustainable procurement.

Rather than spending hours pouring over spreadsheets to understand spend patterns and trends, i-QMN provides instant access to real-time data. That data is then transformed into insights. It can be used for deep dives into all facets of procurement, informing strategic decision making. The solution provides an accurate overview of spend and associated activities, giving business leaders the visibility they need to drive better value from their supply chain networks.

Whether you are identifying top level spend inefficiencies or drilling down to specific categories such as raw materials and tooling, i-QMN takes on the burden of spend analytics. By highlighting trends, behaviours and anomalies, the platform exposes a whole host of cost reduction opportunities with a module that can track the delivery of cost savings and measure the business impact. The data provides great information to support supplier negotiations which aids better supply chain relationships in the longer term. Another module enables contract management, which improves the visibility of contracts. This includes an alert when they expire, therefore minimising the risk of price increases, as well as providing an online platform to host contracts so they are readily available. Indeed, the insight, actions and deliverables derived from reliable spend analysis can lead to cost reductions in excess of 15%.

Sustainable supply chains

i-QMN offers businesses invaluable insight into supply chain management and helps embed operational sustainability. Its visual reporting and forecasting capabilities, provides the transparency needed to track supplier capability and performance. Users can also use the platform for risk management. The information gathered can support ISO accreditations, help ensure projects are on track and boost business resilience.

The journey to sustainable procurement is far quicker and smoother with a digital procurement platform. As well as collating and analysing spend data, the system provides a bird’s-eye view of your entire operation, exposing gaps and highlighting inefficiencies.

APS Managing Director Mark Wood says: “Data is knowledge and knowledge is power. We have developed i-QMN as a one-stop-shop for cost optimisation and supply chain management. There is nothing else like it on the market and the feedback from businesses has been extremely positive. As well as analysing spend, it highlights how well procurement is performing as a function within the business and where there are opportunities to drive value. It helps accelerate the adoption of sustainable procurement, supports cost reduction and makes your entire supply chain more resilient.”

The i-QMN launch is the latest phase of the APS growth story. The business has earned a reputation for transforming clients’ procurement capabilities and its digital innovation has helped steal a march on the competition. Recent contract wins include helping picture frame manufacturer DPI with its supply chain strategy review and supporting Artemis Technologies in sourcing key components for its new prototype vehicle.

As a rapidly growing business, APS is focused on the digital enablement of procurement through digital solutions and demonstrates what can be achieved by putting resilience at the heart of your supply chain.

To find out more visit: www.i-qmn.com or contact APS on 0330 311 2601 or info@apsuk-ltd.com




About Alliance Procurement Solutions

Alliance Procurement Solutions (APS) is a Derby-based business which specialises in supporting SMEs throughout the UK with their supply chain management and procurement solutions. The company was founded by Mark Wood whose early career in procurement was spent with Rolls Royce. The business focuses on helping companies to maintain resilience in their supply chains as well as being sustainable and ethical.

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