RJ Industrial® MultiFeature saves time and simplifies access to the IIoT

In 2021, HARTING are once again highlighting the right infrastructure for the road to the IIoT, including solutions such as the RJ Industrial® MultiFeature, a significantly improved version of the classic RJ45.

Thanks to a robust metal housing and integrated knives that automatically shorten the strands to the correct length during assembly, handling is greatly simplified. Shorter assembly time saves valuable time in system installation. Consequently, the most frequently deployed data interface has been further optimised for use in industrial environments.

Targeting designers of miniaturised devices, HARTING are showing all the innovations and portfolio extensions revolving around the space-saving ix Industrial® Ethernet interface.

The interface is 70% smaller in size, offering Gbit Ethernet with a more compact footprint while increasing stability at the same time. Standardised in IEC 61076-3-124, ix Industrial® represents the future standard for 8-wire Gbit Ethernet in automation scenarios. Suitable for virtually every application, with a large portfolio of sockets, connectors, and special insert housings.


Caption: The RJ Industrial® MultiFeature is a significantly enhanced version of the classic RJ45.


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