Diamond Rail Services and South Western Railway lead the way

Diamond have been developing our Front of House service offering in collaboration with a number of Train Operating Companies across the UK. We are very pleased to announce that South Western Railway are the first operator to engage in a trial and have entered into an innovative delivery partnership. As part of the first phase, 16 x Class 158 vehicles based at Salisbury maintenance depot will be managed under the Front of House regime. This work will enable both parties to gain a clearer understanding of the measurable end user benefits and how these can be scaled across a larger fleet. The collaboration has gone from strength to strength with both parties having a clear vision for the end result- Trains that deliver on the quality expectations of existing and potential customers.

Our Front of House service is already supporting new ways of working

The evolution of train care processes that bridge the gap between train presentation and maintenance. The service offer and scope of work is entirely customer focused and customisable to individual operator’s needs. Addressing the aesthetic and quality elements of the on-board environment, with a cost-effective solution provides measurable benefits for several departments within the train operating company, whilst delivering for the end user. We are also gathering valuable insight data from stakeholders such as the Department for Transport, rail users and train operators in order to cement the Front of House concept as the go to solution for the rail industry.

Charlie Hatcher, Head of Train presentation at South Western Railway said

“South Western Railway is committed to delivering high quality, safe and reliable services which meet the needs of our customers. The quality of the on-board environment is central to this commitment. Having recently expanded my train presentation team, Diamond’s Front of House service has given us the opportunity to jointly review and develop our processes around train presentation and on-board asset management. The team is passionate about delivering for our customers and we agreed we wanted to realise the benefits that a complete package will deliver. Working with
Diamond has helped us gather a lot of data and see quick win opportunities in an innovative way, which will undoubtedly be recognised by our customers. Having the same customer centric mind set as Diamond has made the collaboration very positive and we look forward to seeing the results and hearing the feedback from our stakeholders”.

Both Diamond and South West Railway look forward to sharing the results with you as the Front of House offer continues in its development!

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