Rail Supply Group Appoints RFM CEO, Elaine Clark

Rail Forum Midlands (RFM) is delighted to confirm that our CEO, Elaine Clark has been invited to join the Rail Supply Group Council.

On her appointment Elaine said; ”As an organisation RFM has long supported the RSG and its work; it is great to be formally invited to join the Council enabling us to enhance our contribution on behalf of our members.”

So, just who are the Rail Supply Group (RSG) and what do they do?

The RSG is the recognised leadership body for the rail supply chain bringing together senior industry leaders and government. It recognises the strategic importance of the industry to the UK; creating the right environment for us to work with government to address the major challenges and opportunities we face. Supported by both the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Department for Transport membership also includes Network Rail, HS2 and industry trade associations.

The RSG is responsible for delivering the Rail Sector Deal which sets out how the industry and government will work together to transform the sector. The deal focusses on a number of specific workstreams covering digitalisation, data, sustainable supply chain and growing exports with three ‘cross cutting’ themes of productivity, skills and our RFM Midlands pilots.

The RSG is by nature a strategic group with a long term perspective, however, during last year and as a result of the pandemic the RSG taskforce was set up. The taskforce has been working on a number of more immediate ‘Act Now’ priorities identified by the supply chain including pipeline visibility and railway access arrangements. Being part of RSG provides an additional mechanism for us to contribute to the important discussions that impact on our members.

The Press Release issued by RSG can be found here:

PRESS RELEASE Elaine Clark Jacqueline Starr FINAL

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