Since the start of the Covid-19 UK lockdown, the construction industry has collaborated in supporting the government with advice and guidance. The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has acted as the industry umbrella body and has identified three phases: restart (next 3 months), reset (next year) and reinvent (12 months plus). The CLC advice, drawing from input across the industry, trade associations and academia, has been effective and coherent. It has concentrated on the restart and reset phases. 

The CLC has identified that the reinvent phase requires deep thought and analysis to ensure that the country is best placed to maximise the opportunities that occur, and minimise the risks and threats associated with a long industry recession. It has therefore identified the various construction industry sectors – housing, social infrastructure and economic infrastructure – and has identified bodies to take forward that work. The chair of the CLC has asked the UK Infrastructure Client Group (ICG), which includes all of the UK’s major economic infrastructure clients, to lead the infrastructure strand, of the Reinvent programme, on behalf of the CLC.

As the organisation that provides the secretariat to the ICG, the Institution of Civil Engineers will deliver that work. The first stage of that process is the publication of a Green Paper and call for evidence.

Whilst RFM will respond on behalf of members, individual organisations may wish to contribute directly.

The Green paper can be found here.

ICG+ICE Covid-19 and the new normal for infrastructure systems – Green Paper

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