Network Rail are seeking help for the design of far masks. Please see full details here

Face Mask and Visor R&D Spec v3_MG



The following requests have been received via MakeUK

Request One – (reply to James Watson

22MM Connector (Plumbing Push Fit ) Quantity 1

Sprung Moulded Valve Rated 40cm H20 Quantity 1

Loedial Valve Quantity 1

PEEP Valve (Ultra Breathe Modified ) Quantity 1

We would like  to know if you can then produce Quantities of 250 a week , then 500 a week followed by 1000 then 20,000 a week

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated


Request Two – (reply directly contact details below)

Urgent Ventilator Parts Request – needed for this week

Rotary Pot – Contelec or Megatron

We are struggling to find 5,000 units for this week of the two below options (5,000 of either spec or a combination even would be considered).

Manufacturer     Part Number      Shaft Size           Notes

Contelec             WAL308 (OEM Custom) 8mm      1500 this week

Megatron            MHP32 R1K W20% L2%              8mm      3500 in 2 weeks, 5000/week TBC

If you find an alternative we are open to investigating if it will work with our design.


DC Power Supply

Limited stock available and lead times require 3 weeks for this particular model.

Manufacturer                   Part Number                    Description

XP Power                        Wall-Wart DC                  Power Supply 15v 36W


Contact:  Kevin Hallas, KTM   Manufacturing

07964 562593





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