Rail Forum Midlands has been in constant dialogue with clients, OEMs and government officials to raise member concerns and issues during these unprecedented times. We are not posting updates on our website as we are directly mailing updates to all our members on a very regular basis. We are also providing targeted updates to specific companies where appropriate.

In the last couple of days we have received letters from Network Rail (re supplier payments) and also letters from the Dept. for BEIS and DfT in relation to construction and rail activity. These may be useful for members to be able to refer to.

Network Rail letter on supplier payment can be found here

COVID-19 – Supplier payments 30 March 2020 FINAL


Letters from Dept. for BEIS and DfT can be found here

Secretary of State Letter to UK Construction Industry[1]

200331 CHH to RIA-RFM supply chain[1]



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