Rail Forum Midlands (RFM) has welcomed the Government’s announcement that the construction of HS2 is to proceed.

However, Ministers have also asked that further work be undertaken on the scope of Phase 2b – which includes the Eastern Leg of HS2 through the East Midlands.

Elaine Clark, CEO of Rail Forum Midlands said “This headline decision that HS2 is to proceed is good news for our members, good news for our regional and national economy and good news for rail commuters who can now look forward to the much needed additional capacity that HS2 will bring. Despite what some people may argue it’s also good news for the environment as HS2 will help us reduce carbon emissions and by freeing up capacity on the existing network will help move freight from road onto rail. Along with local businesses and public sector organisations we now want reassurance that the Phase 2b Eastern leg will be completed to the same specification as the Phase 1 section already under development. This crucial part of the new railway has a very strong business case and, through integration with the proposed Midlands Engine Rail priorities, it can deliver huge benefits to UK plc. We will continue to work alongside our colleagues in Midlands Connect and elsewhere to ensure that government hears the message about the importance of the whole of the Midlands region.”

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