On 30th January 2020 Progress Rail working with UKEF hosted a supplier opportunity day in London.

Through their UK-based rolling stock locations, Progress Rail is seeking additional support for locomotive overhaul, maintenance and engine work as they expand their portfolio in the Middle East.

This includes a recent deal signed with Egyptian National Railways (ENR), involving the supply of diesel locomotives, modernising diesel locomotives from ENR’s existing fleet and overhauling another fleet of locomotives.

Specific components will be sourced from the UK, details of which can be found below. This event presented an opportunity to meet with representatives from Progress Rail’s procurement team to find out how to secure these supply contracts.

Suppliers that were unable to attend the event but that are interested in supplying any of the following are encouraged to contact ourselves or Progress Rail asap. 

Progress Rail are looking to procure the following items from the UK supply chain:

# Products Where Used
1 Cooling Blowers Locomotive
2 Buffers Locomotive
3 Cab Insulation Locomotive
4 Contactors Locomotive
5 Critical Fastener Locomotive
6 Electric Motors Locomotive
7 Electrical Connectors Locomotive
8 Electrical Relays Locomotive
9 Engine Air Intake Filters Engine
10 Engine Bearings Engine
11 Engine Valve Engine
12 Entertainment Radios Locomotive
13 Fuel / Water Separators Engine
14 Fuel Filter Engine
15 Fuel Pump Engine
16 Gauges Locomotive
17 High Voltage Systems Locomotive
18 Inertial Filters Locomotive
19 Inverters Locomotive
20 LED Lights / Headlights Locomotive
21 LED Tail Lights Locomotive
22 Locomotive Operator Seats Locomotive
23 Locomotive Screw Coupling Locomotive
24 Low Pressure Fuel Lines Engine
25 Lube Oil Cooler Engine
26 Machine Compressed Air Locomotive
27 Machine Cooling Fans Locomotive
28 Machine Fire Detection Locomotive
29 Machine Fire Suppression Locomotive
30 Marker Lights Locomotive
31 Oil Filter Engine
32 Oil Pumps Engine
33 Oil Transfer Tubing Engine
34 Onboard Vehicle Microwave Locomotive
35 Onboard Vehicle Refrigerator Locomotive
36 Operator Desk Switches Locomotive
37 Plate Heat Exchangers Engine
38 PLC Locomotive
39 Power Electronics Locomotive
40 Pre-lubrication Heaters Engine
41 Railway Couplings Locomotive
42 Sliding Window Locomotive
43 Train Control Locomotive
44 Train Safety Systems Locomotive
45 Vehicle Horns Locomotive
46 Vehicle HVAC Locomotive
47 Water Pumps Engine
48 Windshields Locomotive





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