The Queen’s Speech on 14.10.2019 will announce Boris Johnson’s plan to scrap private contracts rail franchising which is not working but his solution to the privatisation v. nationalisation dilemma will be presented in the soon-to-be-published, William’s Review.

BJ is planning to scrap the system of rail franchises. The PM is to use the Queen’s speech tomorrow to announce proposals to embark on a fundamental overhaul of the railways, as early as next year.

BBC’s Adam Porter reports that franchising, the contracting-out of services, was introduced in 1990s when the rail system was privatised.  However, it has become increasingly controversial due to rising customer complaints and the number of failed contracts.

Government sources say it’s clear that franchising has run its course and that a new commercial model is required, focused squarely on performance and reliability.

It is understood ministers will adopt the proposals of a review led by Keith Williams, the former Chief Executive of British Airways.

The details won’t be published until Mr Williams presents his final report but last month Boris Johnson suggested to Local Authorities in the North of England that they could be given a role in running the railways.

Transcript sourced by RFM’s Communications Co-ordinator from BBC Radio news on 13.10.2019.

Watch this space to discover if Boris Johnson will give Local Authorities a role in running the railways?



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