On 10.09.2019, Network Rail & Innovate UK launched two new Small Business Research Initiatives (SBRIs) to drive efficiency and safety in the rail industry.  Up to £3 million is available to address:

Automated tunnel examination:

Up to £1.5 million is available to support the development and demonstration of new capability in automated tunnel examination.

The aim of this competition is to improve the accuracy, efficiency and safety of tunnel examinations resulting in a safer and more reliable operational railway.

Projects should reduce the time taken to complete examinations through improved automation and increased repeatability, and reproducibility of data.

Find out more here.

Security Surveillance analytics at stations:

This competition intends to find out whether security surveillance systems and associated analytics can work in a station environment without disrupting the rail network and will be delivered through two phases.

Phase one: Up to £960,000 for development and demonstration of the capability of systems using pre-recorded CCTV feeds.

Phase two: Up to £500,000 is available to support the development and demonstration of new security surveillance analytics for railway stations in a live environment.

Find out more here.

A briefing event is being delivered by KTN with Network Rail & Innovate UK on 19th September, London.

The competition opened on 16.09.2019 and registration closes on 06 November 2019.

Register here to attend.

If you are unable to attend in person, you can register to watch the webcast here.

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