The RFM team have received lots of positive feedback from the Meet the Buyer event held at the RVE Expo last Thursday. RFM co-ordinated the event, with support from DIT and RIA, and with 220 appointments scheduled across 28 buyers from 11 major OEMs, ROSCOs and Tier 1’s, it was a busy day to say the least! We are pleased with how things ran on the day and are delighted to hear what a success the event was from the perspectives of our buyers and suppliers.

A flavour of the feedback we received from our buyers:

“Busy schedule – no waiting around, the majority of the people we met were relevant to the work stream and we would like to take part again in the future.” – Xavier Renaudot and Peter Janiec, TfL

“A very effective way of meeting people. You can almost do 7 days work in one day. Excellent.” -Tim Ward, Alstom

“It was an excellent investment of our time and the mechanics of the event were very well set up, so a big thank you from the Hitachi team.” – Rory Lamont, Procurement Director, Hitachi

A flavour of what some of our suppliers had to say:

“Really brilliant – actually met the people we want to meet. Well matched. Marvelous.” – David McGuinness, Sovereign Online

“You don’t always get to meet the right people when you go to a stand or phone up; this process allows you to meet the right people and you know they are interested in you when you turn up so it’s not like trying to flog a dead horse! I think it’s great.” – Carl Woolley, Design and Analysis

Feedback like this makes what we do feel really worthwhile and we hope that there will be some real business opportunities and contracts to report back on in the coming months.


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