Manufacturer of high quality engineered products, Mayflower Engineering has just launched Mayflower Plasma Plus – a new division which uses the latest cutting-edge technology to help its customers achieve greater efficiency.  The new division will operate from Mayflower’s dedicated facility in Sheffield and employ an expert team.

Utilising 5-Axis CNC Plasma Profiling technology, Mayflower Plasma Plus can provide a cutting service which is up to 10 times faster than traditional profiling methods. In contrast to many of its profiling competitors, Mayflower Plasma Plus can provide a full package for component part manufacture, which includes machining, forming and fabrication.

Furthermore, Mayflower Plasma Plus will allow customers to eliminate operations such as itemised marking and weld preparations from their manufacturing process, as these processes can be performed more efficiently during plasma profiling.

Explained Mayflower’s Managing Director, Kevan Bingham:  “We have been profiling, forming and machining for over 40 years as part of our bespoke engineering service. Now we are offering this expertise to manufacturers as a specialist service which can help to increase their productivity.”

For more information about Mayflower Plasma Plus, email: or call 0114 241 7478


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