Patents? Trade Marks? Intellectual Property Rights. What’s it all about?

Rail Forum member and patent and trade mark attorney firm Swindell & Pearson has set up a regular intellectual property (IP) drop in session that Rail Forum members who are interested in finding out more about intellectual property rights are invited to attend.

Swindell & Pearson is committed to helping raise awareness of the benefits of IP rights and how so many businesses are potentially missing out on protecting an asset that could account for up to 70% of a company’s value as studies often suggest. The sessions will be held at the firm’s offices on Friar Gate in Derby.

Marketing Manager Mahir Raoof commented, “We’ve worked with a number of businesses within the Rail Forum helping them to protect their valuable inventions and brands. A lot of these businesses have said to us how valuable they have found obtaining protection to have been but that they didn’t previously know where or who to turn to.

Recognising the need for such a service, we have decided to run a monthly session with anyone welcome to come along regardless of their existing level of knowledge or interest in the subject. It could be that someone who is considering obtaining patent or trade mark protection for their business or just someone who wants to learn more about potential opportunities and risks to be aware of.

Derby is considered to be the UK Capital of Innovation and the city has a fantastic rail heritage with some truly innovative and well-known companies based here. We want to help these businesses gain a better understanding of IP rights and how these rights can potentially help businesses to be successful.

The rail industry is undergoing a lot of change and there are some fantastic innovations taking place across all areas. We want to help Derby cement its position as the UK Capital of Innovation and the city’s rail companies are vital to its success”.

If you’re interested in attending the next seminar then please feel free to register on the Eventbrite link which can be found here. Alternatively, please feel free to get in contact with Mahir Raoof on 01332 367 051 or via email at

Swindell & Pearson is a UK based intellectual property firm that has been helping businesses and individuals obtain patent, trade mark, and design right protection for their ideas, innovations and brands for over 130 years. With its head office in Derby, the firm also has offices in Stoke, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Sheffield and Burton upon Trent. To find out how Swindell & Pearson can help you and your business with any patent, trade mark or design right matters please get in touch via or by telephone on 01332 367 051.

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