East Midlands Trains want you to Volunteer to become a Station Adopter. Giving back to your community provides you with a great feeling, knowing that you’ve made a difference and done something worthwhile with your day. Through becoming a station adopter you will make a difference to the many people that use your local station, from the leisurely trips taken by couples to the daily travel by commuters and the children that visit on a school trip.

We have a large number of stations across our network – many of which are unstaffed. It’s not always possible for East Midlands Trains to visit all our stations as often as we would like and this is where we need help from people like you.

Station Adopters are the eyes and ears at their local station, helping to ensure that the station is well presented and looked after. Station Adopters get involved at their station doing tasks they put forward.  From being the eyes and ears, reporting faults and station issues through to developing gardens and having a much more active role. Our adopters are supported by the local station management team who are there to work with and support the Station Adopter. All in all this makes a big different to the station and its customers.

Whether large or small, a local train station is at the heart of the community. It’s used by people on a regular basis and is one of the main transport hubs in the community. We want all our stations to provide a welcoming clean and well maintained environment and with the help of our station adopter, we can make sure we achieve this.

So if you’re looking for a fun and engaging way to get involved with the community, make new friends and take pride in your station, then Station Adoption could be for you.

Here’s some reasons why you should become a Station Adopter:

  • Make a difference in your community
  • Get into gardening and get active
  • Make new friends – you’ll always be welcomed by our Station Adoption teams
  • Help the environment
  • If you’re just starting out it looks great on your CV
  • Free travel! To say thank you for helping the local community East Midlands Trains offer all station adopters free travel when carrying out station adoption duties, plus a complimentary ticket for you and your partner to enjoy!

To apply please submit an application online.  Please also state which Station you’d like to adopt – to see a list  of stations we have available for adoption see attached PDF.  As we operate a blind screening process if you choose to upload any additional documents please remove all personal information including your name before submitting.

To find out more about working life at East Midlands Trains, visit eastmidlandstrains.co.uk/careers

East Midlands Trains welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds, we promote equal opportunities for all.  East Midlands Trains is a non-discriminatory employer committed to the recruitment and promotion of all on the basis of ability and merit irrespective of disability, race, gender, health, social class, sexual preference, marital status, nationality, religion, employment status or age. East Midlands Trains will treat your application fairly and assess you for the job based on merit and skills.