Elastacloud, one of the most dominant players in the UK for Advanced Data Analytics Solutions, continues to expand its activities in The United Kingdom. After eight successful years based in London and following its investment in Derby during 2016 the company now strengthens its technical and sales effort and has joined forces with Rail Forum Midlands to deliver advanced data analytics solutions for the rail industry.

Elastacloud specialise in preparing, provisioning, and optimising organisations data, enabling them to deliver data insight. For more than eight years the company has been helping major manufacturing and transport organisations save money and drive revenue and profit through advanced predictive analytics.

Andy Cross, Director and co-founder of Elastacloud said “A ‘knowledge deficit’, not only hinders an organisation’s understanding of the status quo, but also impedes its ability to make informed, cost-efficient decisions for the future. We are passionate about driving value into our customers by harnessing the power of their data and blending it with other data sources to deliver actionable insight”.

Andy went on to say…“ with the volume of data only likely to increase, time is of the essence when it comes to harnessing this valuable asset”.

The growing talent pool in Derby and the Midlands allows us to take individuals that have core skills and nurture them to become accomplished Data Scientists.  Derby’s pedigree in high-tech manufacturing was a significant factor in our decision to base our new office in the location. Infinity Park is at the heart of the Midlands technology drive with cutting edge businesses driving economic growth in the region making it the ideal location for Elastacloud.

About Elastacloud

Elastacloud is a leading Data Science and Cloud consultancy. We specialise in delivering innovative business outcomes that drive value into our customers through the application of data science to discover new insight and patterns from data

Elastacloud’s skill is unparalleled in the fields of Cloud Architecture, Data Visualisation, SQL, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, R and Python .

Elastacloud’s analytics teams is a highly experienced body of Data Architects , Mathematicians, and Data Scientists with relevant industry experience. The team holds the highest level of education from the world’s top universities. Our Data Scientists hold PhD’s and have deep experience in trend analysis of ‘big data’ in key industry sectors including, but not limited to, Rail & Transport, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Retail, local authority & Healthcare, Construction & Transport.


London Office: Elastacloud Ltd, 34B York Way, Kings Cross, London  N1 9AB

Midlands Office: Unit 1  iHub, Infinity Park Way, Infinity Park, Derby DE24 9FU

Company Reg: 07900393. VAT Number: 127973874

Contact: Gary Hunter, Business Development Manager.

Tel: 07918 638492. gary@elastacloud.com

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