The Enabling Innovation Team (EIT) has been set up to support the rail industry in accelerating the uptake of innovation.  This means connecting the challenges in the industry with the innovators, and where necessary, with funding.

The focus is on building demonstrators which prove not only that the idea can become an innovation, but also that there is a real benefit to implementation.  EIT supports cross-industry demonstrator projects for new business solutions and technologies.  The aim is to make innovation part of everyday business in the UK railway and stimulate industry to meet the challenge.

The “Radical Train” is a key project in the EIT portfolio.  The purpose of this project is to explore the potential to develop a “radical train” which will offer a measurable step change in performance of the train systems on the UK railway and to develop radical train systems and sub-systems with international market potential.

In the very near future, the EIT will be going out to Industry and Academia to seek proposals for the new ideas which can make a difference to the railway in the UK.  The application process will be straight forward.  Ideas will be assessed by their ability to realise significant improvements and create benefits for passengers, train operators, the environment and the supply industry.

If you have ideas to put forward, please see the for details or contact the team

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