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Shaw Report: The Scope

The launch of HS1 chief executive, Nicola Shaw’s report on The Future Shape and Financing of Network Rail, has seen suggested plans for wholesale privatisation and break up ruled out. Instead the report calls for more devolution in the running of the railways, “local flexibility, and autonomy”. Shaw proposed there should be a greater focus on the needs of the train operators and passengers, a sentiment shared by Mark Carne, Network Rail chief executive: “We are committed to putting passengers and customers at the heart of what we do and our devolved business model will put decisions in the routes, closer to the passengers and train companies.”

“I also endorse her desire to see more private finance coming into the railways. I consider that more private money and funding from the people who will benefit from railway improvements is a sensible way to deliver a bigger and better railway.”

For the full report visit: Shaw Report: The Scope




iRail 2016: A Resounding Success

The recent iRail 2016 event, hosted by the Rail Forum East Midlands, was well received by a diverse variety of guests; from local Councillors and businesses, to senior school students, teachers and University staff. The 7th annual event provided a range of activities, lectures and networking opportunities throughout the day at Derby’s iPro Stadium.

Talks from the YRP, e4e and the Rail Forum East Midlands, during the Business Breakfast were said to have been informative and engaging, with guests commenting that they addressed key issues faced by the industry. iRail 2016 2nd place

The students and teaching staff began the day with a site visit at Bombardier, before returning to the iPro Stadium to begin work on their STEM challenges. Teachers praised the trip, event venue and overall success of the day, writing; another fantastic day for the pupils – very informative and I feel my students have gained so much from today – thank you. The students were equally enthused by their experiences, with many commenting that the event had inspired them to pursue future careers in the industry.

Exhibitors also commended the venue, event organisation, and networking opportunities, adding that the overall event [was] fantastic.

The Rail Forum East Midlands would like to thank everyone who attended and supported iRail 2016!

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